VALERY GREBENNIKOV - master of national musical instrument balalaika

VALERY Grebennikov is a maker and restorer of musical instruments for The Gnessins' Russian Music Academy, Winner of the First All-Russia Balalaika Makers' Competition, the Vice-President of the Union of Makers and Rrestorers of Musical Instruments.

Valery Grebennikov is a leading master in manufacturing national musical instruments. All his activity is connected with balalaika. He is a soloist, researcher of the development and perfection of the instrument, restorer and the Artistic Director of Ivan Batov All-Russia Festival of Makers of the Music Instruments.

Mr. Grebennikov was born in Kursk in 1957, In 1982 he graduated from The Gnessins' Music Academy where he studied with Prof. P. Necheporenko. In 1978 he became a student of well-known master I. Emeljanov. With him Grebennikov learned the secrets of manufacturing musical instruments. He also worked in archives collecting detailed information on the work of the first professional makers of balalaika such as V fvanov, F. Paserbsky, S. Nalimov.

Analytical work and investigation of many years has allowed Grebennikov to establish his unique style. His manner is at once to recognize by outstanding qualities of timbre, pedal, sensitivity and sound intensity adequate to requirements of the most demanding performers.

Mr. Grebennikov is a unique maker and restorer. He has given a second life to numerous valuable instruments of such old masters as S. Nalimov, 3. Sotsky, I, Galinis, I. Ziuzin.

Mr. Grebennikov dedicates his efforts to the revival of the national school of plucked instruments makers. The All-Russia Competition of Plucked Instruments Makers are held on his initiative and with his active participation. The Competition allows to gather makers from all over the country, to reveal the best instruments, as well as to share the experience, to plan the ways of the development and perfection of professional skills.

The Grebennikov's instruments are played by famous balalaika soloists, students of the higher schools of music, winners of the "New Names scholarship ". His instruments can be heard outside Russia. Alexander Paperny in Germany, Nikolay Tsvetnov in Norway, Ikezava Tosio and Tsutomu Kitagava in Japan play Grebennikov's balalaikas. The Russian folk orchestras and Balalaika orchestras in Sweden, Japan, France and the USA are also supplied with instruments made by Grebennikov.

Mr. Grebennikov invites makers to participation at the Third Ivan Batov All-Russia Festival of Makers of the Music Instruments which is to be held on 5-9 December 2004.


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